VR Spacewalk


In this virtual reality simulation, you are in a spacesuit making a virtual spacewalk in earth space. Find your way to the ISS (International Space Station – thanks NASA) .

Enjoy the beautiful view on earth from outer space.

We mapped all the hires (day and night time) textures provided by NASA onto the earth sphere so the view is really breath taking. When the earth turns to the night side, the city lights switch on.

Additional info at http://ignisvr.com/portfolio/virtual-spacewalk-virtual-reality-simulation/

  • Left controller stick (or W/A/S/D keys)
    left/right and forward/backward rotation thrust
  • Right controller stick (or left/right/up/down arrow keys)
    left/right and up/down movement thrust
  • Controller left/right bumper buttons LB & RB (or Q/E keys)
    roll left/right
  • Controller left/right trigger buttons LT & RT (or pgup/pgdown keys)
    forward/backward thrust
  • Fire 1 (A) button (or SPACE key)
    Engage attitude hold: dampen rotational velocity to a full stop
  • Hold Fire 1 (A) + Fire 2 (B) buttons (or F12 key)
    Reset the viewing position

  • DX11 Graphics Card
  • Oculus Rift HMD DK2 (DK1 version available through the website at ignisvr.com)
  • SDK 0.7+ available
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or higher
  • XBox 360 controller

Download the zip file. It contains an executable and a data directory structure.

Unzip the downloaded zip file into a new empty directory.

Run executable


Source material: textures, models and audio from NASA.

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