Have you ever wanted to be a great skier but don't have the time and money to dedicate to getting there? Worry no longer, with Snowdrift, you can get the full experience from the comfort of your own home. It is a virtual reality skiing simulator that puts you in the first person perspective on an open-ended mountain resort. You choose your route down the mountain at your own pace.

Using the power of Occulus Rift, you can enjoy the full sensory effect of exploring the slopes without actually being there. No winter coats, expensive lift tickets or time-consuming travel required. Take a leisurely path and check out the beautifully rendered scenery or head straight down for the gripping effect of speed, jumps and, most likely, wipeouts!

Processor :Intel i5



ASUS: 7000 series

NVidia: GTX 600 series

Input: Keyboard or GamePad

Processor :Intel i7



ASUS: 7000 series

NVidia: GTX 600 series

Input: GamePad Recommended

Unzip to a folder and run.

You may create an account to track your progress online and compete with friends, but an account is not required.


A Game By Jesse Joudrey

Programming: Jesse Joudrey

User Interface: Mario Mazatan

Sound Effects: Andrew Swart

Skier Model:

- characters

Copyright 2013,2014 Jespionage Entertainment

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