Ocean Rift


The idea behind Ocean Rift is to showcase different techniques for simulating a vivid underwater experience in VR. This includes experimenting with different sounds, animals, plant life, ocean current effects, particle systems (dust, bubbles etc.).

There is also a horror aspect to Ocean Rift as in the deepest parts of the environment you will find a giant prehistoric Megalodon shark that has a tendancy of sneaking up on people. In all honesty you shouldn't really go down there, and you should definitely warn anyone else thinking about trying this demo about him too!

Intel i5 or equivalent. GeForce GTX570+ for smooth 60 fps experience.

GeForce GTX580+ for supersampling (e.g. 1920 x 1200).

Left Trigger (Mouse 2, LShift) to swim up, Right Trigger (Mouse 1, LCTRL) to swim down. A button to jump/swim fast.
Demo works best with a controller and headphones. I highly recommend setting the volume quite high as it adds a lot to the atmosphere when there's plenty of bass.

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