- Supports Minecraft 1.6.2 currently, 1.6.4 port in progress
    - Easy to use installer for 1.6
    - Oculus Rift DK1, HD support
    - Razor Hydra support
    - Positional head tracking with Razer Hydra. See the guidelines HERE.
    - Mouse free-look with keyhole adjustment.
    - Razer Hydra free-aim controls.
    - Razer Hydra joystick/button controls.
    - Oculus Rift Player Profile support.
    - VR GUI menu with extensive configuration options.

Graphics card with OpenGL 2.1.

Java 6

Paid copy of Minecraft.

A beefy graphics card!

Installation Instructions for Minecraft 1.6:

    - Ensure you have run Minecraft 1.6.2 / 1.6.4 at least once before.
    - Download the Minecrift installer exe (Windows) or the jar (Linux / MacOS) from the link above.
    - On Windows, run the installer. A smart screen filter may appear. Click 'More Info', then 'Run Anyway'. Accept the UAC prompt.
    - On Linux / MacOS, double click the .jar file to run the installer. (Or, from a commandline run >java -jar <path to file>/minecrift-1.6.X-bXXX-installer.jar e.g. >java -jar ./minecrift-1.6.2-b73-installer.jar)
    - Click OK to install a new Minecrift profile.
    - On Windows, you may get a dialog that implies Minecrift failed to install correctly. Select 'The program installed correctly'.
    - On Windows, IMPORTANT: You'll need to download and install the MSVC++ 2010 redistributables if they aren't already installed (vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe if you are 64bit or 32bit respectively).
    To Play:
      - Run up the Minecraft 1.6 launcher.
      - Navigate to the 'Local Version Editor (NYI)' tab.
      - Click on the minecrift-1.6.x-bxxx entry depending on the downloaded version (e.g. minecrift-1.6.2-b73s)
      - Press Play!

      Please add feedback in this thread. Minecrift development is now Open Source under the LGPL license! Check out the github page to toy around or create new features. mabrowning will be very willing to accept pull requests!

      Please submit any bug reports with as much information and / or screenshots attached HERE

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