Minecrift 1.7.10 R1

- Added support for the Oculus SDK (tested on Win 8.1, OSX 10.10, Ubuntu 14.10).

- [With thanks to Zach Jaggi for work towards the linux port, and Jherico for his Oculus SDK repo]

- Now use Oculus best practice for sensor polling to reduce judder in some scenarios

- Added initial *experimental* support for Forge 1.7.10 This is a WIP.

- Ported to Optifine 1.7.10 HD U B7

- Added settings profiles in-game. Different settings configurations may be created, duplicated or deleted.

- Added support for optionally adjusting player movement inertia.

- Added support for optionally allowing player pitch input to affect up/down direction while flying.

- Streamlined the installer - can (optionally) add / update Minecrift launcher profiles. Downloads Windows redists automatically if necessary.

- Added support for FOV changes in mono mode

Graphics card with OpenGL 2.1.

Java 6

Paid copy of Minecraft.

A beefy graphics card!

Installation Instructions for Minecraft 1.7:

Ensure you have run VANILLA Minecraft 1.7.10 at least once before:
- Load the Minecraft launcher via Minecraft.exe.
- In the bottom left select 'Edit Profile'.
- Select Use version: release 1.7.10
- Save profile, and hit play to run the game. Once Minecraft has downloaded and started up, quit out.
- Download the Minecrift installer exe (Windows) or the jar (Linux / MacOS) from the links above.
- On Windows, run the installer exe.
- On Linux / MacOS, double click the .jar file to run the installer. (Or, from a commandline run >java -jar <path to file>/minecrift-1.7.10-R1-installer.jar e.g.
>java -jar ./minecrift-1.7.10-R1-installer.jar)
- Click OK to install a new Minecrift profile.
To Play:

- Run up the Minecraft launcher.
- Ensure the Minecrift 1.7.10 profile is selected
- Press Play!

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