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Black Hat Oculus is a cooperative Oculus Rift game. One player is in the Rift and has to navigate their way through a maze, optionally gathering treasure along the way. However, there are threats unseen. Invisible timed laser traps, trap doors, enemies waiting in're going to need some help to get through this maze. That's where the coop comes in. One player plays out of the Rift, and has an overhead view of the map, where they can see their friend in the maze, as well as the traps that the other player can't see. They have to work together to get through the maze. As an added challenge, the map player is suggested not to speak. They can freely type to the Oculus player, though, and they can see a live text feed in their world. The Rift player is free to speak.

This version supports local play. Setup instructions and controls are in the attached README. You need a keyboard and a 360 controller to play.

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Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2

Windows 7+

Black Hat Oculus Readme
v. KS0


This version features local coop play. We have two levels available. Press ESC to return to the lobby from either level.


As the game is still a prototype right now, the windowing isn't terribly robust. One window for the game should render on your main monitor, and one window should render on your Oculus Rift. It's currently assuming that your main monitor is on the left, and the rift is on the right, and that the displays are arranged such that the top right pixel of your main monitor is next to the top left pixel of the Rift. More than 2 displays (including the Rift) are not supported yet.

| | Rift |
| Main +-------+
| Screen |

To run the game, double click on the appropriate batch file:
launchDK1.bat - runs the version for the DK1
launchDK2.bat - runs the version for the DK2
launchDualMonitors.bat - runs across two monitors. This script assumes two 1920x1200 monitors, but you can adjust the arguments to fix it. You can even modify the arguments to run split screen if you only have one monitor.

Special DK2 Instructions:
Due to some issues regarding the 0.4.x being currently unable to render different game views to different monitors, the game currently runs in 0.3.2. In the Oculus Configuration Utility:
-Tools->Rift Display Mode->Extend Desktop to the HMD
-Tools->Rift Display Mode->DK1 Legacy App Support
-Tools->Advanced->Pause Service
-You'll get juddering if your DK2 display is set to 75fps, you'll need to set the setting to 60Hz (On NVIDIA Graphics Cards, you can get that by opening NVIDIA Control Panel, and then setting the refresh rate in Display->Change Resolution)


You need an XBox 360 controller and a keyboard to play.

Map Player:
The map player can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the map. They can use the rest of the keys to type to the Rift player or to enter passcodes to unlock doors.
Mouse click-and-drag pans the map
Mouse scroll wheen zooms
Escape returns to the lobby.

Rift Player:
The Rift player uses the 360 controller.
Left stick moves
Right stick turns (turning your head also turns)
A interacts (pick up keys and treasure, unlock doors)
Squeezing the left trigger runs

Known Issues:
If you're using the DK2, the game crashes on quit if the headset is visible to the camera.



Mark Sullivan

Sean Liu

Xin Xin

Nick Garza

Jenna Hoffstein

Richard Cody

- characters

Team Future

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