Ambient Flight


Have you ever dreamt of being a bird?

We have designed Ambient Flight from the ground up to be as immersive as possible for the Oculus Rift. There is no HUD or complex controls to get in the way of an amazing experience, you can even switch to Look Flight where your head becomes the input device for a natural way to navigate the skies.

The demo uses 64 terrain tiles making up an area of 15 x 15 km each with its own 4096 pixel aerial image mapped onto elevation data giving you a realistic view into the world.

dual core

1G Graphics card

quad core

2G Graphics card

Geforce 7 generation or later

Walk into the Austria Map to start flying.

Make sure you straighten your head as it loads, as this will be your calibration for forwards.
You can look freely around as you start and use the xbox controller or mouse keyboard to fly,
pressing xbox button A or CTRL will allow you to fly by looking where you want to go.
If you get Low frame rates use keys 1-9 to change terrain resolution,
with 1 being the highest quality (default)

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