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UPDATE 04/02/2014 : Heya everyone, just to make things clear this is the DK1 version, the DK2 version of Blocked In is in the works. Unfortunately some parts have to be reworked to make good use of the the positional tracking and higher resolution of the DK2. The version posted here is the DK1 version. Please unplug your DK2 and restart your PC to enjoy Blocked In before you launch Blocked In on your DK1.
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For a moment you are going to step into a world in which time has no meaning and the impossible will bring about the end of the world.

Sit down, look around and enjoy your view of the end of the world in this intimately detailed "appartment room that is being blocked in by enormous Tetris blocks while they destroy the world" diorama.

This demo is best played while sitting behind a desk with proper quality headphones. You can' t walk around. Ow and anyone who has a phobia of blocks should steer clear of this demo.

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DK1 Compatible

Fast setting : Most laptops and low end PC

Mindboggling setting : High range laptops and Mid range PC

- Start up the app or exe.
- Plug in a headphone.
- Sit down.
- Enjoy !

In case a DK2 is hooked up:
- Unplug all cables from your DK2.
- Restart for good measures.
- Duplicate screens with the DK1 and launch app.
- Enjoy!!!!

You can' t move around! You can relax sit down and take in the environment.


Art & Code : Daniël Ernst

Music : Misha Velthuis

Audio : Rutger Muller -

Legal Information

Feel free to share the trailer or a personal gameplay trailer on your site or (monetized) channel!!!
Please don't put the standalone demo on a site without written consent, but feel free to link to the downloads
on Please put the credit list and website info next to the trailer/download and send me a mail :) That would be much obliged! But above all have fun!

Creative Commons License

Blocked In by Daniël Ernst - The Shoebox Diorama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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