Arnswalde VR - architectural reconstruction

Arnswalde, (Choszczno), is a town in Poland. In 1945 it was on the front line during the Russian offensive, and was destroyed in 80%. This is a reconstruction of the town at the turn of 20th century
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Henry Trailer

Meet Henry in this VR Trailer from Oculus Story Studio. You'll be able to see more of Henry when his immersive short is released for free on the Rift's launch in Q1 of 2016.
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Linear Crossing

Linear Crossing is a VR game about moving around using TRANSFORMS. Collect treasure chests while moving through a randomly generated frogger-style world!
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Rexodus VR

Rexodus VR is based on the Dark Horse Graphic Novel Rexodus. VR experience and Rexodus created by Steelehouse Productions. Dinosaurs in space with guns VR style!
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Since They Left esittelykalvo ocushare_small.png

Since They Left episode 0

Virtual reality comic about people finding themselves and secrets already forgotten. This technical demo shows the main mechanics of upcoming episodic game.
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The Hunger Games - Virtual Reality Experience

​With The Hunger Games - Virtual Reality Experience, immerse yourself in a 360° narrative that explores key moments from throughout Katniss’ journey, across all four films in the series.
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